Great Western Air Ambulance Charity

“We are enormously grateful for the generosity of the Grace Trust and your support for over ten years. Great Western Air Ambulance Charity responds to the most critical patients across a wide area including Bristol, Bath, Gloucester and surrounding counties, bringing lifesaving care to patients who may not otherwise survive the journey to hospital. Every year we are called to around 2,000 people who have suffered a serious accident or medical emergency, and your support helps to make sure we can give them the best chance of surviving with good outcomes. As a charity we are entirely dependent on voluntary donations to operate, and rely on our communities, and grant-givers like the Grace Trust to run the service. Without the help of people like you, we would not be able to reach everyone who needs. On behalf of the charity team and operational crew at Great Western Air Ambulance Charity – thank you for being lifesavers.”