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North London Hospice

The Grace Trust have been amazing supporters of North London Hospice over the past few years. At North London Hospice, we help those with a potentially life-limiting illness who have specialist needs. Care is provided to help them psychically, emotionally and spiritually. We try to help our patients live life to the full despite their illness. Most recently, The Grace Trust’s donation was an incredibly important measure of support during the challenging months of the Coronavirus Pandemic. This donation has gone a long way to help us provide our expert care to those in our community who have life-limiting illness and support their loved ones also.


"The Rapid Relief Team are extremely grateful for the ongoing support from The Grace Trust. The generous ongoing donations that we have received have enabled us as a charity to reach out and help so many communities and individuals in need.    During the past year we have provided over 115,000 meals and connected to so many people.    From supporting our emergency services in the aftermath of terrorist attacks to the residents of Whaley Bridge down to meeting the needs of the hungry child who needs breakfast at school."


"The Grace Trust has been supporting the life-saving work of Action Medical Research since 2016.  The Trust has helped the charity to fund research into premature birth, detecting complications earlier so that women can get help sooner; and research developing a potential new drug treatment for children with the devastating, rare and inherited disease of Niemann-Pick type C.  The support of The Grace Trust is incredibly important to us and we are very grateful to the Trustees for their ongoing support and commitment to saving and changing the lives of sick and disabled children."


"Our grant from The Grace Trust was a great help in uncertain times and allowed us to continue to deliver a vital service to some of the most vulnerable people in our local community. During the lockdown we were able to offer an alternative to our usual service with takeaways and deliveries, providing up to 150 freshly-cooked meals a week."


"OneSchool Global is one the world’s largest and most comprehensive independent schools, operating across 20 countries and over 125 campuses. OneSchool Global challenges traditional teaching norms and embraces technology to develop life-ready students, who learn how to learn. With 23 campuses in the UK alone, the generous support of the Grace Trust enables OneSchool Global to continue to put student learning outcomes at the forefront of all that we do, as we strive to educate the community and business leaders of tomorrow."


“In 2019 The Grace Trust kindly made a donation to Diabetes UK. This donation was put towards our ground-breaking research project that aims to untangle the link between type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s. With the Grace Trusts support, the research team has been able to look at developing of new therapies and how to improve early detection. They also hope to develop new ways to inform healthcare professionals how to manage both of these devastating conditions.”


"We are very grateful to the Trustees for their support towards a Baby MRI Incubator for the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit. The Baby MRI Incubator will allow clinicians to perform MRI scans on babies with complex heart defects without the need for general anaesthetics, which can cause cardiac arrest and put babies’ lives at risk. It will make a big difference to the treatment and health of these babies with high-risk cardiac conditions from Yorkshire, the Humber and North Lincolnshire and facilitate new research studies that will benefit thousands of patients in the future."


"At Red Balloon, we were absolutely delighted to receive a grant from The Grace Trust. This wonderful gift has been helping us provide therapeutic and educational support for children too frightened to go to school because of severe bullying or some other trauma in their lives. Gifts like this make a world of difference; and The Grace Trust has helped vulnerable children get their lives and learning back on track, so they can go on to thrive and find their place in the world.  We thank the Grace Trust Trustees for their part in our students' success."


"The Grace Trust’s donation has ensured Place2Be can offer vital support for the most vulnerable children to overcome mental health challenges within the safety and familiarity of their own school environment, while also offering support to parents, carers and teachers."


"Combat Stress is incredibly grateful for The Grace Trust’s recent donation. This generous gift has gone towards our community mental health services which are delivered across the UK, ensuring veterans can flexibly engage with treatment, in and around the demands of modern life. We are grateful that the Trustees of The Grace Trust recognise the value of veterans being able to access treatment and support in ways that work best for them and their families."
"Thank you for your generous support. Your gift will go straight to work where it is needed most, so that together, we can provide the right care, in the right place, at the right time."


"I would like to thank the Trustees for their kind support towards the research project which is taking place to develop new approaches to help autistic children."


"Please do extend our thanks to all your members for allowing us to purchase new ones! The team are thrilled with the new garments – thank you!"


Flight Suit Supplier and Photographer ‘Prometheus Medical UK’


“The NSPCC’s work is 90% funded through donations and with funding from The Grace Trust we can continue to help children in Cambridgeshire with vital services such as Childline, somewhere children and young people can turn when they are anxious, afraid or alone.”


"We are very grateful to all of the organisations, trusts and foundation that support us and it was fantastic to welcome Charles Hathorn on site recently to present us with a cheque from The Grace Trust. Our Trainees enjoyed showing him around our five-acre site and showing him all of the activities in which they are involved. The donation will be put towards expanding the range of services that we offer and we would like to invite anyone associated with The Grace Trust to come and visit us to see the work in progress. They would receive a
very warm Spadework welcome."


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